How to choose the right carton box in the UAE

right carton box in the UAE

Moving? Or Shipping? Whatever it is, we need to ensure our products reach their destination in its original condition. Choosing the ideal box is critical for safeguarding the products. Let’s check out how to pick the right carton box to cover your goods.

Here are three tips to remember to determine the most suitable box for your needs.

Measure the size

To give better protection to your items, it is important to find the right size box. It can also help you save on shipping costs.

You need a slightly larger box than your item. So, it is required to measure the item’s length, width, and height. Add ⅛ to ¼ inch to each dimension for slack fill. Next, measure the box. Keep in mind that you have to take the internal measurements. It will help you figure out how much space we need inside. 

If you have multiple products, you can consider using subscription boxes. You can kit each item and place it into one larger box. To measure, arrange them the way you want to place them inside the box, then measure the bulk.

From standard boxes to tall boxes and long boxes, Ruby packaging offers quality carton boxes for your packaging needs.

Think of the item

What are you shipping? Is it heavy or lightweight? You should consider the strength of the item before choosing the box.


If you are sending goods under 10kg, a Single Wall box is ideal and cost-effective. 

Single Wall consists of 3 layers of paper: 2 outer layers of liner paper and 1 interior layer, which is placed between the two outer layers. The interior layer is fluted, which determines the strength of the box. (Liner-Fluting-Liner)

Usually, lightweight items won’t need extra protection. If you have breakable products like perfumes, musical instruments, and ornaments, you will need additional padding to ensure safety.


When it comes to heavy products, we need to be extra careful. Durability is the key. Also, the box should give strength and stability to your package. 

Double Wall boxes are best for heavy items. It has 2 layers of flute and 3 layers of liner paper. They are reliable as well as sturdy. (Liner-Fluting-Liner-Fluting-Liner)

Double Wall boxes are also a perfect pick for stacking and storage purposes.

The carton boxes vary depending on the thickness of the corrugated flute. There are generally three options: E flute carton boxes, C flute carton boxes, and B flute carton boxes. For accurate recommendations tailored to your specific requirements, we recommend contacting us directly.

Kick the tires with experts

If you are unsure, especially if it’s your first time, you need expert advice. When it comes to shipping products, taking risks isn’t an option. 
Ruby Packaging Materials and Trading has over two decades of experience in carton box supply and will assist you in doing the best packaging. Call us at +971 50 154 5753.

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