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How to pack breakable products?

breakable product packaging in UAE

Accidents are natural, but safeguarding is intelligence. Yeah, we are talking about packing breakable goods for transport.

When you think of packing breakable products like perfumes, musical instruments, and ornaments, you may feel at risk. The chances of damage are high, and you will need to foot the bill if something goes wrong. So, packaging delicate products requires extra care. 

But no worries; we’ve got your back! Here is a guide to follow before packaging fragile items or sensitive products.

  1. Pick a larger box than your item

You need to choose a box that is slightly larger than your item. But keep in mind that too much space will cause the product to move around.

Learn how to choose the right carton box in the UAE. 
  1. Give cushioning or dunnage

Giving cushioning is essential for transporting fragile products. You need to give dunnage to give cushioning, which can be anything from bubble wrap to air pillows, packaging peanuts, foam, and recycled kraft papers. 

Bubble wrap is the most common way to protect everything from lightweight to large-fragile products. It will secure the item from scratches, shocks, and vibrations that can happen during shipping. If there are multiple items, you need to wrap each one individually. 

Fragile packages need 2-3 layers of bubble wrap. Also, using too much tape can cause the bubbles to burst. Use packing peanuts or kraft paper to fill the extra space. Be sure, there is no empty space.

Bubble wrap rolls are lightweight, easy to use, and easy to trim to the required size. They are durable and recyclable. You can find quality bubble rolls in various sizes at Ruby Packaging.

  1. Affix ‘Fragile’ stickers

Safeguarding does not end at our hands. The people who carry the package should know that your products need proper handling. You can label or put the stickers on multiple sides to ensure that the carriers can see the handling instructions.

  1. Ask assistance

Some products may need overprotection, like the box-in-box method. Two boxes are used for this method. The outer box should be 14 cm larger than the inner box. Both the boxes need cushioning. You might need assistance in such scenarios. Ruby Packaging LLC has experts who can assist you in every stage of packaging.

Dial +971 50 154 5753 to connect with us.

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